Second chance

Men of dexterous virtuoso,
Listen the voice of bumbling amateur.

Give him a chance

May he sprinkles love, knowledge & wisdom.
May he showers you dreams of brotherhood & freedom.
May he releases you from the realm of draconian.

Oh! My so called society ,
Do you hear his voice? .
Or you became heart blind like dhritarashtra.


A date with osama bin laden

In my college there is a group session about public speaking and i have to speak something on the next session. some books i have gone through but a topic hijacked my is all about  osama bin laden.I am terrified but i decided to speak on a Topic A date with osama bin Laden.

I intrigued myself think that  a date with a numero uno terrorist is something not digested&  there is No one in the list like that but he is the person passionately driven towards his goal.In terms of success he is the most successful person in the world.But his cause,instead of destructive if it is constructive.I started thinking, if his cause for the betterment of society instead Destroying the life.I think myself  the difference is the valuation system & cause.

if Bin laden’s cause is constructive then this world may the safest place to live in.Anyway directly or indirectly we are riding the same thing what laden does!when a father tells to his son to tell  lie,that father is not at home.A software professional spitting on road.A teacher teaches his student how to cheat ?.A doctor forgets the patient for the sake of money.A law professional became a broker .where life has no value in front of ego,status& money.Anyway the same value system we follow what laden does.!

In the name of Religion&custom we are harassing people.A political leader forgets his promise for his self pleasure.A business Man sells his honesty for growth.where science lost his soul at the stake of humanity.where love is salable.Where for dowry we belittled women.

I know education makes people civilized,rational&free but I don’t know why they make boundary&groups for people. why it makes them so much comparative,egoistic?Society is a great place to learn but in a like society where is from the day one it divide thoughts,people,customs,education,living ..everything so lastly it will divide the village,town,state,country …the world.

There is a lot of things i/we are doing which is destructive so change the living,change the education ,change the customs,change the people,change the thoughts which affecting us!

from Michael jackson’s lyrics……Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race.